Iran blasts US for “unlawful” of its assets

appropriation Secretary of State, John Kerry, and Foreign Minister iran, Javaz Zarif.

Iguala case: the historical truth vs. independent truth

A man protests the 43 missing students.

Obama: “The United States and the world need a strong Europe”

Barack Obama and Angela Merkel, in an industrial fair stand Hannover (Germany).

At least 23 dead in Pakistan eating poisoned candy

Brexit advocates do not want to Marine Le Pen in his campaign

The president of the French National Front, with his vice president, in Pars.

Abu Sayyaf, the ‘Rockefeller’ the Islamic State

A petroleum well in North Dakota, United States.

A Palestinian girl, freed after spending two months in an Israeli prison

The father of Palestinian nia released, Dima al-Wawi , hugging her daughter in Tulkarem (West Bank).

PKK leader claims it can increase its fight against Turkey

The maximum leader of the Kurdish guerrillas of the PKK, Cemil Bayik

Evo Morales will undergo a paternity test

The president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, gives a press conference at the headquarters United Nations in New York, United States.

republican pact antiTrump

John Kasich and Ted Cruz.