At least 85 killed in an attack by Boko Haram in northern Nigeria

The old left that can ruin primary to Hillary

Bernie Sanders with rival Hillary Clinton.l will take six years.

“We demand that the food reaches our children”

Syrian soldiers examine the scene of a suicide attack in a neighborhood of Damascus.

Battle in the Democratic ranks

Hillary Clinton is a photo made with an assistant to a rally in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

German Eurosceptics justify arms to stop the refugees

Syrian refugees wait in the German military base in Erding, south of pas.

Europe lost children

Ali, a 13-year Iraqi child who travels alone to Germany in Lesbos.

The IS alerts you to Spain that “will pay dearly” the occupation of Al Andalus

El IS warns that Spain “pay dearly” have killed Al Andalus

Israel creates a space for men and women pray together in the Wailing Wall

Several men pray at the Western Wall Wailing.

A freighter takes five days adrift off the French coast

The boat with 50 degrees of tilt.

Clinton and Trump leading the caucus in Iowa, according to the latest survey

Donald Trump gives a rally in Dubuque Airport , Iowa.