“Cosa Nostra does not forget”

The employer Ignazio cutr, flanked by his two bodyguards in Rome.

Obama will visit a mosque in his country for the first time as President

Barack Obama in the White House podium 29 January.

The big business of the mafia

Many refugees disembark in the port of Catalia, Sicily (Italy).

The business of democracy in America

A microphone and a glass of water in an act of Clinton’s campaign in Iowa.

Man ‘points’ against Asad

A mortar before pro-government forces in Syria.

“The regime will slow any revolution”

Mohamad Ali Abtahi.

Maduro called for rebellion against the Assembly by a law of social housing

Nicols Maduro at the Presidential Palace.

Demonstrations in France against the extension of emergency rule

Protesters in Paris asked the anulacin the state of emergency.

Turkey accuses Russia of violating its airspace

Iran hawks away Khomeini’s grandson

Khomeini greets register as a candidate in the elections, in Teheran.