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The Holocaust survivor Israel Krystal sonre at home in the city of Haifa, Israel.

A British citizen arrested for the crime of homosexuality in Uganda

a British citizen 65 years has been arrested and charged with a crime of homosexuality in Uganda after that a local newspaper published photos of him having relations with another man .

The arrested, a retired banking analyst residing in Entebbe , near the capital city, Kampala, I appeared today before a court of their city, that left him in released with charges after paying bail of 500,000 shillings (about 150 euros) , according to police sources.

In addition to the photos, the british citizen and one of his associates, who also was arrested , attempted intercourse in exchange for money c on a hired driver , according to the minutes of accusation.

“The mdicas tests to confirm that the two suspects both participated in homosexual acts,” he adds.

The detainee is accused, among other charges, of “indecent practices” and “traffic in obscene publications” crimes for which faces sentences of up to seven two years of prison , respectively.

Homosexuality is an offense under the Criminal Code of Uganda, where it is described as “intercourse with another person against nature”.

The Parliament of Uganda is pending vote on a bill that, in its original version, provides for the death penalty for cases of “aggravated homosexuality” as homosexual rape or abuse minors.