Macedonia Police used tear gas against refugees

I wrote in this medium 1 week ago, the fight began in the Macedona Greek border, there have moved the best Hungarian riot police Czech Slovak Hungarian Croatian Serbs and Slovenes austriacos.Ya I started, if that line falls the second is the macedonka border serbia, there will no longer be gas which is released, there will be more, the third the Serbian border Hungarian and Serbo-Croat, that’s where the good vibes ends and begins to unravel the EU and AZUCAR.Lo we have said the Slavs and Magyars in our land not a MUSLIM, not one, or we will have very grande.Lean historia.Aqui are willing to fight and weapons to Madarsko.Lucharemos sobran.Slava Slavia.

Moscow detained a woman with the severed head of a child on hands and shouting “Allah is great”

The nanny dressed of black (background) with minor head in his hand.

The suspect was the babysitter child beheaded that according the police, tena three to four years

the woman threatened to blow themselves up in the subway Moscow, which had to be closed

A woman has been arrested near a subway station in Moscow with the severed head of a child in his hands. She was dressed in black screaming “Al is great.” The Oktyabrskoye Pole station has been closed by police.

The Tass agency says worked as a nanny and reports that today in the morning there was a fire in an apartment in Moscow and scene found the body a child without head . The police estimated that will have three or four years.

Residents of the area passed at that time by the metro, located northwest of Moscow, have declared it was difficult to determine whether it was a man or a woman, because the person was dressed in black completely. The police has opened a criminal investigation by the discovery of the body of the child.

Merkel guaranteed not to leave Greece alone in the refugee crisis

Angela Merkel during a conference last week.

The rubicon of ‘Super Tuesday’

A girl shows a sign of support for Democrat candidate, Hillary Clinton, during his intervention in Columbia, South Carolina, last saturday.

The battle for Texas

Supporters of Republican Donald Trump, in a food stall in Tennessee.

A ‘Nexit’ for Dutch

The leader of the Dutch extreme right Geert Wilders, cut a star Flag the European Union during a manifestation in Brussels.

The “Euro-pessimism” spreads among the 28 Member States

The british Prime Minister David Cameron, leaving the last meeting in Brussels .

Switzerland refuses to expel criminal aliens, according to polls

Pster of the campaign in favor of the ‘no’ in the referendum held today in Zrich (Switzerland)

‘Boris 007’ against the ‘bad’ Brussels

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, driving with his bike Oxford Street.

A suicide bombing in a market in Iraq causes tens of muertos

Un suicide bombing in a market in Iraq caused 24 deaths