Abdeslam will be extradited to France

Several Belgian police cars arrive Thursday at the Chamber of the Council of Belgium.

Salah Abdeslam expected to be extradited “very fast” to Francia

The Brussels Council Chamber decided on Thursday extradite to France to Salah Abdeslam alleged logistical mastermind of the attacks of 13 November Pars, according reported by the Belgian prosecutor general.

a member of the legal team Abdeslam had repeatedly hours before the predisposition of the defendant to cooperate with the authorities and to be transferred to France.

the Attorney General has said that now belgium and France should agree on how the surrender of the suspect be produced.

Salah Abdeslam was arrested March 18 in Molenbeek four months after the attacks that left 130 dead in Pars .

Although initially objected to being extradited , after the attacks that left 32 fatal victims at the airport and the Brussels metro , Abdeslam did know through his lawyers his presdisposicin to be transferred to France .

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