Crimes and Misdemeanors of Chavez

A woman queuing (a number) at a supermarket in Caracas.

The EU, unable to stop the drift towards refugees

Berlusconi will face a new trial for allegedly bribing a senator

A Silvio Berlusconi will continue to accumulate processes. Three-time former Italian prime minister will have to respond now before the Italian courts of crime of corruption .

Est accused of having purchased a senator to hit book pagndole money -nothing less than three million euros to abandon the party Italy of Values ​​ and is passed into the ranks of his own with the sole objective of bringing down the government in 2008, center-left led by Romano Prodi.

All this, taking advantage under electoral law driven game ‘Il Cavaliere’ and known as ‘The Cerdada’ the government of Prodi had a agnica majority in the Senate, and it was enough that a handful of senators changed their jacket to precipitate its collapse.

The process started the near February 11 to the V section of the Criminal Court of naples, according to has decided today at the preliminary hearing in which besides send the dock to Berlusconi Amalia judge has ruled that Spring also be tried Valter Lavitola (intermediary have done Berlusconi) and Sergio De Gregorio, the senator who have accepted bribery.

A judge Spring seems to not believe the arguments of Lavitola, former editor of the newspaper L’Avanti, who this morning has given spontaneous statement to her for about an hour.

Lavitola, located in regime of house arrest under other processes that are open, he admitted having paid to De Gregorio, but he said that money does not come from Silvio Berlusconi but was payment of a loan that you had previously made the former senator.

Russia downgrades vandalism charges against Greenpeace activists

Russia has reduced to ‘vandalism’ charges against detained 30 Greenpeace ship detained in the Arctic. To this day they were all accused of piracy for trying to storm the oil rig Prirazlomnaya, a crime that is punishable in Russia by up to 15 years in jail. Vandalism is punishable by a maximum of seven years.

The young of Pussy Riot who were detained last year after breaking into an Orthodox cathedral pasamontaas and singing a song against Putin were convicted of “motivated by religious hatred vandalism” and met two years in prison .

Greenpeace activists and several professionals working with them were arrested by Russian border police last September 19 aboard the ship ‘Arctic Sunrise’ after returning from the platform where Haban made a protest action against extraction of hydrocarbons .

One day before Haban approached the platform causing petrolfera “serious threat” According to the accusation. The Russian Investigation Committee has finally decided to lower the charges.

The Russian president himself, Vladimir Putin had rejected days before formal accusation that they were a case of piracy be reformulated. The activists, among whom there from England to Argentine estn arrested in the city of Murmansk , in northern Russia.

Kadyrov, the ‘ogre’ Putin unleashed

President Vladimir Putin, the Chechen leader, Ramzan Kadyrov, in the Kremlin.

Erdogan declares war on Turkish intellectuals

Turkish President Erdogan.

More than 5,000 flights canceled by storm Jonas

Alerta in North America by the snowstorm Jons

A Syrian arrested in Germany on charges of committing war crimes

A survivor of the Holocaust, the oldest man in the world

The Holocaust survivor Israel Krystal sonre at home in the city of Haifa, Israel.

A British citizen arrested for the crime of homosexuality in Uganda

a British citizen 65 years has been arrested and charged with a crime of homosexuality in Uganda after that a local newspaper published photos of him having relations with another man .

The arrested, a retired banking analyst residing in Entebbe , near the capital city, Kampala, I appeared today before a court of their city, that left him in released with charges after paying bail of 500,000 shillings (about 150 euros) , according to police sources.

In addition to the photos, the british citizen and one of his associates, who also was arrested , attempted intercourse in exchange for money c on a hired driver , according to the minutes of accusation.

“The mdicas tests to confirm that the two suspects both participated in homosexual acts,” he adds.

The detainee is accused, among other charges, of “indecent practices” and “traffic in obscene publications” crimes for which faces sentences of up to seven two years of prison , respectively.

Homosexuality is an offense under the Criminal Code of Uganda, where it is described as “intercourse with another person against nature”.

The Parliament of Uganda is pending vote on a bill that, in its original version, provides for the death penalty for cases of “aggravated homosexuality” as homosexual rape or abuse minors.