The pro-European Vucic, current prime minister, wins the parliamentary elections in Serbia

Vucic go to the polls on Sunday accompanied by her daughter Milika .

Teodoro Obiang gets more than 98% of the vote

Teodoro Obiang Nguema and his wife exercising their right to vote.

US will send 250 troops to Syria to fight IS, according to media

US President Barack Obama.

United States of Europe

US President Barack Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel greet yesterday, in Hannover.

Nepal: Year One of the resurrection

Mother and daughter walk along a street destroyed in Bhaktapur.

Reborn twice in the same century in Nepal

Bairati, Santa and Panvar, survivors of the two sesmos.

Experts handling evidence in the case Iguala by the Attorney

Relatives of the 43 of Iguala in a manifestation, today in Mexico City.

War Women of the Wall

Women of the organization Women of the Wall praying today in the esplanade of Western Wall Lamentations in Jerusalem.

A prison only for indigenous

Prisoners of criminal practice Cereso 8 raramuri fight in the yard.

The utraderecha wins the first round of the elections in Austria

Norbert Hofer, the ultranationalist party populist candidate FP.